5 Mid-Year Wardrobe Organization Tips

As May approaches, it’s time to change up your wardrobe and your look, and to peer ahead into the first half of the year. To help you along, here are 5 ideas for what you can do mid-year to get the most out of the remainder of 2019.

1. Don’t just clean out your wardrobe: curate it.

Mid-year is as perfect a time as any to tackle your wardrobe: you know where you are in life so far, and you should have a clear idea of how you want to spend the rest of 2019. So tackle your wardrobe, make it a thing of beauty, and ensure that it reflects who you are going to be before the year is out.

2. Become familiar with the trends of the coming season, and start planning the pieces to add to your wardrobe.

It’s easy to get excited with the Spring, but be wary not to let that translate to hasty impulse buys and short-sighted purchases. If the warmer months are on your horizon look at summer 2019‘s fashion trends in advance. Or, look far beyond into fall 2019 and work out which types of pieces will best fit with your own curated wardrobe before you buy.

3. Mix it up.

Part of the curation process is culling the average and investing in better quality pieces. But it’s also in making better use of what you’ve already got. Make it a mid-year resolution to create outfits out of those clothes and accessories that aren’t getting any wear. If you have wardrobe orphans (and odds are most of us do) make a decision to either ditch them, or pick up pieces that you can pair them with.

4. Reinvent yourself through a new hair color.

Wardrobe is one thing, but hair can also make the man or the woman. When it comes to hair color in 2019, I have one defining motto: just change it. If you feel you’re in need of freshening up, take a leap and don’t make it half-hearted. A hair color change is as good as a mid-year reinvention. 

5. Refresh what’s underneath.

Take a little advice from Tom Ford and ditch your underwear and socks every six months to keep things fresh. Underwear is a foundation to your outfits, after all. So all those pairs you got for Christmas? Now’s the time to replace them.

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What Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Taught Me About Style

For two young ladies growing up in the spotlight, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have barely made any fashion mistakes. And that’s saying a lot passing through the nineties, where good was bad and bad was horrific. Boasting two of the most sought after brands, Elizabeth and James and The Row, Mary-Kate and Ashley have become better known as fashion power houses rather than actresses. As a result, the Olsens have been the leading topic in Celebrity Style Inspiration for years.

Here’s what the twins have taught me about style, so far.

  • You do not have to be tall to wear over-sized clothing

  • Chicness exists in an all black outfit and no, you will not look like Helena Bonham Carter (unless that’s your goal. In which case, yes. Yes, you will)

  • Navy and black can be worn together. I repeat. Navy and black CAN be worn together

  • Less is not more

  • Double denim is a do and a tongue twister

  • Raiding your grandma’s closet is probably a good idea (think kitten heels, loose layers & statement gold accessories) Grannycore is a thing

  • Use a bag big enough to carry a laptop, an umbrella and a spare jacket

  • Invest in a camel overcoat. Actually, invest in a few. (Like this, this or this)

  • Structured bags in unanticipated colors are a must have

  • Large sunglasses can be worn day or night if you’re cool enough

  • Mix vintage with newer pieces for an interestingly unique ensemble

  • You can never go wrong with jeans and a tailored blazer

  • Leather mules are snazzy. Patent leather is a plus

Ah, I think that covers it for now.

Image via: OlsenDaily

10 Style Mistakes to Avoid

Nobody is safe from making some stylish mistakes. Not even the most stylish bloggers like Chiara Ferragni or the editors from fashion magazines. Sometimes you just need to make these mistakes to learn from and then never ever make them again. Please tell me if I am missing one? Maybe, I’m making some without even knowing it. Style mistake number 4 is definitely something that happened to me too many times. 


Here are my top 10 Style Mistakes to Avoid: 

1. Buying shoes that don’t fit

2. Changing your style for a date

3. Wearing the wrong bra

4. Not dressing for the season

5. Wearing clothes that don’t fit well

6. Blindly buying brands

7. Choosing the safer outfit

8. Wearing something even if you don’t feel confident in

9. Believing seasons have color rules

10. Taking layering a step too far