10 Style Mistakes to Avoid

Nobody is safe from making some stylish mistakes. Not even the most stylish bloggers like Chiara Ferragni or the editors from fashion magazines. Sometimes you just need to make these mistakes to learn from and then never ever make them again. Please tell me if I am missing one? Maybe, I’m making some without even knowing it. Style mistake number 4 is definitely something that happened to me too many times. 


Here are my top 10 Style Mistakes to Avoid: 

1. Buying shoes that don’t fit

2. Changing your style for a date

3. Wearing the wrong bra

4. Not dressing for the season

5. Wearing clothes that don’t fit well

6. Blindly buying brands

7. Choosing the safer outfit

8. Wearing something even if you don’t feel confident in

9. Believing seasons have color rules

10. Taking layering a step too far

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