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Primary journalistic interests…

Irma’s primary journalistic interests lie at the intersection of writing and editing, digital media, and photojournalism, particularly within areas involving fashion, lifestyle, the arts, culture and travel. Irma also has a background in fashion marketing, fashion design and merchandising management from The Art Institute of Colorado.

She is a storyteller at heart, and uses the written word to share the stories everyone should hear. She values compassion and kindness, and those traits drive her mission to promote human connection through her work. Irma is eager to further develop her multimedia skills to foster her interest and specialization in using storytelling, writing, digital media and photojournalism to produce content that promotes both truth and understanding not only within the fashion industry but as well as, complex cultural issues. 

Despite the fact that Irma is a vivid New Yorker at heart and hopes to live in New York City someday, she is currently based in Denver, Colorado. Born in Republic of Georgia, she has also lived in Russia and Europe, speaks fluently English, Russian, Armenian, and elementary level Georgian, and is the founder and editor-in-chief of Into The Mode, a lifestyle website founded with the aim to give stylish, creative and career-driven women inspiration on a weekly basis.

Check out Irma’s clips: features, interviews, opinion, travel, and photography.

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