• Have a story but no writer? I’m always open to new relationships with quality publications and brands. I’m a quick study and skilled at becoming interested in absolutely anything. And, as my background is in print journalism, I can turn a story quickly without sacrificing solid reporting and clean copy.
  • Need a top-notch copy editor? I’m every bit the geek you’d expect when it comes to grammar, usage, spelling, and AP style. If business is booming but writing intimidates you, I’m your gal. I’ll help you streamline all consumer-facing materials and ensure your written communication is as strong as your brand.

Writing Services

All projects are billed both by the hour via Worktime and by word. Clients pay the lesser amount.

Rates are negotiable for the right publication.

  • Copywriting: $40/hour or 30 cents/word
  • Essays (Personal, informative, advice, etc.): $40/hour or 50 cents/word
  • Ghostwriting: $50/hour or 30 cents/word
  • Reportage: $50/hour or 35 cents/word

Editing Services

All projects are billed both by the hour via Worktime.

  • Basic Copyediting (5-10 pages/hour): $30/hour
  • Heavy Copyediting (2-5 pages/hour): $40/hour
  • Developmental Editing (1-5 pages/hour): $50/hour
  • Proofreading (9-13 pages/hour): $30/hour

Miscellaneous Services

All projects are billed both by the hour via Worktime, with the exception of transcription.

  • Fact Checking: $35/hour
  • Research: $60/hour
  • Transcription: $1.25/minute of audio

Note: all rates are in line with the Editorial Freelancer’s Association guidelines


I like to have you send me the piece you’d like to work on via Google Docs so that we both have access to the work at the same time. Tell me whether it’s already been rejected or not along with any questions or concerns, what you’re stuck on, and anything else you’d like me to know about the piece. 

After that, I’ll thoroughly comment on the piece and tell you if I think it has all the info necessary (or if it has too much), if I’m left with any questions as an editor, what I’d change if I was pitching the idea myself, etc. If you have any more questions when I’m through with my edits and comments, ask them! I won’t invoice you until you’re completely satisfied and we’re done working through the piece together. 

I will only invoice you when we’re done working on your piece.

Ready to talk? Let’s get in touch!