I debated whether I should even add this page to my website…

Because each consulting project is so different, and I love that about them. I’m a big fan of multiple lanes and the more I can drive down in the course of a single project, the better! But I recognize that “creative consultant,” which is what I’ve been referring to myself as, can sound at best vague and at worst like a fake job, so I’ll try and get a bit more specific about what I mean when I say that.


Tangibly defining what brands do, who they are, and why they exist by…

  • Building out brand bibles
  • Sourcing talent for campaigns or full-time roles
  • Providing creative direction for campaigns
  • Coming up with memorable and witty taglines and other branded copy


Telling engaging stories about all the cool stuff brands are doing and making by…

  • Writing website and newsletter copy that’s actually fun to read
  • Building out an editorial strategy
  • Producing social content franchises
  • Creating a style guide


Helping brands reach the people they want to reach more creatively and successfully by…

  • Auditing social strategy
  • Creating audience surveys
  • Building out audience personas
  • Building out creative collaboration or influencer strategies