5 Ways To Creating Your Own Personal Style

Fashion advice: Confidence is the key

Growing up, my mother used to dress me up in bright blazers. Blazers with skirts, shorts, jeans and dresses. She has a very unique taste when it comes to fashion and interior design. When I was 4 years old, she bought me my very first blazer–I remember it very clearly, as though it was yesterday. The blazer was bright pink, the inside fabric color was white with tiny pink dots. I fell in love with it from the moment I saw it. That’s when I knew that my passion for fashion had just begun. My mom used to dress me up very chic for every occasion and even for the “everyday looks.” Trust me, if you’d ever met my mother, you’d right away think she works in the fashion industry. My mother is my style icon!

Throughout the years, I wore different types of blazers, from bright colors to uniquely shaped textures. You can dress up any look with blazers and accessories, such as bracelets, cocktail rings, long necklaces and scarves. I love wearing blazers with scarves. Short scarves, long scarves–it doesn’t really matter.

I would describe my style as casual chic with a bit of rock n’ roll twist to it. Music is my number one inspiration when it comes to styling. I can pretty much listen to a song and pick an outfit based on the music and lyrics I’m listening to. What can I say, I am an artist, and we are all creatively weird sometimes.

Finding your own unique, personal style is a long road to be traveled. It does not happen just after a good night’s sleep and dream about beautiful clothes, but is an adventure that takes several years. “Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year. Style is what you pick out of that fashion. It’s a matter of finding the right pieces and putting them together to create a perfect ensemble that you look and feel stylish and comfortable in,” says Denver personal style consultant, Sarah Waddell.

I’m not a style guru, no Anna Wintour, and certainly no Kate Moss, but I have lots of different phases in my early 20s where I was always totally convinced that I had found my style.

And now, a few years on, the time has come that I carefully dare to say that I have found my own taste indeed. It took a lot of embarrassing moments but my personality is best reflected in the most basic, minimalist outfits without too much fuss, but always with a little twist, like a bright blazer. Clothing is a way to express yourself every day. But how can you find your own personal style, you may ask?

1. Find inspiration

If you have no idea what to put on, and you are clueless every day for your closet, it’s a good idea to look for inspiration. Scour the Internet in search of styles that you like, street-style images that immediately bring to mind you and outfits that you can see yourself in. Then dive into your wardrobe and combine it!

2. Do not be afraid to experiment

Without trying things out, you never know what you like and do not like, and especially what is and is not beautiful at you. Try all sorts of looks, play with colors and layers, and also just go to the streets. It might be a crazy feeling, but you’ll quickly know what outfits suit you and what you do not feel comfortable in.

3. Find your signature piece

Search for a particular item, such as a leather jacket, a blazer, or a good bag that falls anywhere to combine a 100% reflection of you. This way you give every outfit your own twist and create a more personal look.

4. Shape

Know what shapes and styles of clothing do not fit well with your body and buy clothes in the right size. Too small clothes make you look bigger than you are, and loose clothing can make you disappear. If you stand facing the mirror and see exactly what features you like about yourself and what you want to show to everyone, you can much more easily put together an outfit and make choices during a shopping spree.

5. Mix and match 

Fashion is and remains a party, without rules and with a lot of freedom. Do not be embarrassed to try new things, playing with trends and occasionally stepping out of your comfort zone. Remember girls: You don’t have to buy expensive clothes to look fabulous. Just mix and match. I personally love shopping at H&M and Bebe. If something looks great on me and it costs $5, no doubt I’ll buy and wear it.

Conclusively, it’s all about having a good eye and taste in fashion. And most importantly, it’s all about confidence. To me, fashion is art. My idea of fashion is not only what is seen in the fashion shows and magazines. Fashion is about what people around the world are wearing. It’s about original style and taste. Fashion is all around us.

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Fear is a Bad Advicer

Fear is a bad adviser. This is a saying that we are exposed to at an early age. Because by believing in a monster under your bed, you are forced to lie in bed with your parents. Been there, done that.

Fear comes in very different forms of expression around the corner. No longer am I afraid of monsters or other critters in my bedroom and I even have my fear of spiders somewhat under control. And yet, I am confronted several times a week with a fear that I almost dare say, am not the only one who suffers from it.

Because everyone these days seems to be afraid. Scary. Can’t. Not good enough. These are words that are commonly used in a conversation about dreams. Out of your comfort zone steps, go for what makes you happy, choose your own happiness, work on your dreams and take your future into your own hands. It seems almost go hand in hand with fear, whilst it should be accompanied with joy, excitement and a tickle in your stomach.

If I live without me being guided by fear, doubt or more of these destructive thoughts, I’m going to focus on what I want in life. I notice that the ideas just start running. The time racing past the words on my paper seem to flow naturally from my pen and all kinds of exciting plans are being born in my head. And not only that. My body is participating enthusiastically. The butterflies in my stomach flutter at such sporadic wonderful speed in my belly, and a smile, that out of nowhere strikes out of my face with excitement. Inside, I feel the power flow and confidence in myself, which I haven’t felt in a very long time.

Why we are guided by fear? Why we believe in our ignorance, mistakes, and we can tell endlessly about all our failures, but at the same time, we let fear take over our goals and dreams?

With the entrance of this new year, I made myself a promise. And that is to no longer be guided by fears, but to believe in my own abilities.

And so I watch the fear in my bright eyes, and I fight against myself with the best weapon I have in my possession — positivity and confidence. Arguably, the two most important tools in choosing personal happiness and the achievement of set targets. Because deep down, I feel the butterflies flutter and I know damn well what I want and what makes me happy.

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Immigrating to ‘New Kid’ Status

Being the new kid in class is not always an easy situation, especially when you move to the United States from a foreign country and you have no clue what “Where are you from?” means. At least, that’s what happened to me.

It was sixth grade. I was 12 years old and had just moved to the United States from Russia with my parents. I remember my first day of middle school like it was yesterday. It was mid-September and I was the new kid in class.

Yes, the new foreign kid in class who did not speak English. As you can imagine, I was terrified about fitting in and adapting to a new culture and language. I felt uncomfortable and awkward. The only few words and sentences that I knew how to say in English were hi, goodbye, thank you, you are welcome, what is your name and cheese.

Yes, “cheese.” I’m not sure why. I suppose whenever I used to watch American cartoons and movies, they all yelled “CHEESE!” when taking pictures, so the word got stuck in my head. Plus, I love cheese.

Starting middle school, I had to learn the English alphabet and basic grammar from scratch. Everything American kids learned in kindergarten I had to learn at the age of 12. At first it was challenging to learn a new language and adapt to a new culture and traditions. Everything was so new and not what I was used to.

I walked into my math class for the first time, and the next thing I knew, kids were standing all around me, asking me where I’m from. I did not know what “Where are you from?” meant at that time.

What came to my mind was, “What are they saying?” “Are they insulting me?” I was offended without even knowing what the sentence meant. I started smiling and saying, “I’m sorry, I don’t speak English.” The majority of the kids in class were very nice and understanding, and said that it was OK, I will learn to speak English in no time.

As the years went on, I got used to the culture and gained American friends. Each year, my English got better and better. I even started thinking in American-English, which is very interesting to me to this day. Though I must admit, critical analysis is not easy because there are still times when I literally translate what I am going to say in my head before I say it out loud. But that usually happens in formal situations.

One of my successful academic experiences so far was when I graduated from high school. After living in the U.S. for more than a decade, I realize now that education is very important in this country. Just like any other country, having a college degree makes you look professional, intelligent and educated.

When I graduated from high school, I literally felt like I was on top of the world. I felt very proud of myself. I’m thankful to all my wonderful English teachers who have helped and guided me through it all. Without them, it wouldn’t have been possible.


Piece originally published in The Metropolitan, MSU Denver’s award winning, student run weekly newspaper. mymetmedia.com